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Web Design - The Semantic Web

Sunday, Jun 14, 2015 Mick Morris SEO Design Development Social Media 0 Comments

Without prejudice we prefer enquiries from clients returning a year or so later after trying every which way of building the dream site themselves. If they have survived the initial shock of challenging semantic web design, the conversation is somewhat fast forwarded down to cost as they have now qualified in the school of understanding web and have come to terms with the fact there is far more than first meets the eye when presented with a sweet deal of building their business website all on their own.

What appeared to be free and easy tools to get started has being doing major damage and holding them back from growing strong and fast. Content design via markup and code, whilst building eye catching design layouts that get people talking whilst loading fast and optimised for high search indexing is the most challenging for DIY'ers. There is so much to learn and stay focused on, keeping up to date with current web trends that are always moving and morphing, Algorithm changes that may cause your site to lose rank requires a rapid response, something a DIY'er can not simply achieve overnight.

I'm not a fan of the numbered nick names Web.2.0 and now the new Web.3.0, I prefer to call it exactly what it is,

The Semantic Web.

It is important in this new phase of the web that you partner up with a trusted web professional and keep educated with the relationship your business should have with the web and why it should be built a certain way and not necessarily just the way you want it to look visually. Building a website is just part of the methodology to a successful online presence still it remains a huge thorn in your side if you get the content, code and design wrong. And these three things are just the foundation.

So if you are truly thinking about taking on a qualified professional job yourself, remember when you visit your DIY website that you are only experiencing 10% of the grand prize and visually being misconceived into believing you've 'made it'. It doesn't count if your close family or friends think it's brilliant, in this instance I highly recommend a professional website audit.

In short. The cost of DIY website development over the years has a massive impact on potential earnings and growth, and let's face it unless you are a hobby business, if you truly want to grow your business, retire young and be happy, you need to address this problem and dont waste the one or two years of DIY hassles, get yourself aligned with a qualified web professional who can educate every step of the way and keep your business safe in The Semantic Web.