SEO companies - Bottom Feeders of the web

Tuesday, Sep 01, 2015 Limeblock SEO Development Google

Much the same business model as Oil companies SEO companies are the bottom feeders of the web. They find a supply drill it and drain it of it's valuable resources and give nothing back but a polluted atmosphere.


Real time shipping and tracking

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2015 Limeblock Development Ecommerce Entrepreneur Shipping Freight API

Running an online shop requires a shipping strategy that carefully calculates the best possible price for delivery and the ability to absorb the shipping freight costs into the price of the goods you are selling if possible. It's sounds like a daunting task? Thankfully these days there are many real time API's available, however there are costs associated with accessing such API's that might not be feasible for a new business startup.


Web Design - The Semantic Web

Sunday, Jun 14, 2015 Mick Morris SEO Design Development Social Media

When clients come to us deciding should i build a website or pay a professional? These clients tend to be in the early stages of building the dream and believe free and easy is the way to go.