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SEO companies - Bottom Feeders of the web

Tuesday, Sep 01, 2015 Limeblock SEO Development Google 0 Comments

Much the same business model as Oil companies SEO companies are the bottom feeders of the web. They find a supply drill it and drain it of it's valuable resources and give nothing back but a polluted atmosphere.

Again this week we have discovered another small business paying $500 Per month over 12 months and getting zero work done to their site or strategy.

Incredibly bottom feeder SEO companies are under a protected radar of misinformed sales people that somehow communicate a message that is in no way technical and would never hold up to a web professional. Soldering on, victim after victim they take aim at your bottom line and fire until no more of the good oil drips. Our crusade is to eliminate all of these horrific con artists.

Let me be perfectly clear here, any bad webpage with HTML indexable markup will appear in a search engine as long as it fits within acceptable content guidelines.
That's convenient for bottom feeders, for example, by popular choice we choose google and their algorithm to strip out the thin weak content pages and display only the true value pages.
This problem is easily overcome by SEO bottom feeders, simply by selling you in easier goals that they can achieve with doing little or no change to your web pages, after all your site will appear regardless.
Let's say you're in a business that exists within a compressed marketplace. Easy, you're sold CPC ads, oh there you are on page 1! They've delivered!

Sure, there is a total demand for good SEO especially on high volume retail websites, SEO companies at this level have credibility and sustainability in the world of web, but for small business we believe SEO bottom feeders are on a limited lifeline, businesses are becoming digitally smarter and sharing posts just like this one realising so much of the work can be achieved themselves with a minimal amount of information to get them started.

Whilst we didn't go into great technical detail here on the techniques of these companies and how they keep you on the cash drain, we're happy for you to get in touch for free advice and in return ask you to cancel your SEO bottom feeder contracts, we are happy to provide free reports to substantiate your contract exit.

These companies are able to generate revenues that triple that of a normal web agency that provides a quality development service. Sickening.

Help us clean up the web one bottom feeder at a time.

Limeblock will launch it's social media channel management and content writing service soon to help small businesses eliminate the con artists currently stealing their cash flow.

Stay tuned for Limeblock.Media