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Real time shipping and tracking

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2015 Limeblock Development Ecommerce Entrepreneur Shipping Freight API 0 Comments

Running an online shop requires a shipping strategy that carefully calculates the best possible price for delivery and the ability to absorb the shipping freight costs into the price of the goods you are selling if possible. It's sounds like a daunting task? Thankfully these days there are many real time API's available, however there are costs associated with accessing such API's that might not be feasible for a new business startup. There are many ways to tackle a good shipping strategy, firstly shipping tables with a matrix that calculate metro by state the cost to deliver by weight and size, with this option you may spend countless hours using your freight companies online calculator to find the best price for delivery. This option allows you to get trading without the overhead of API costs. It's simple however time consuming to setup.

There is also the possibility that a remote regional customer will order a product and you lose on shipping. However, this method allows you to kick off your online business with minimal costs.

Hello Real Time Shipping API

At this point you have made a few sales, enough to give you confidence to invest in a real time shipping API. There are many companies offerring this solution, at the point of checkout your website communicates with a 3rd party system sending the product data such as weight and price, the shipping API returns a price. This price is displayed to the customer at the point of payment in the checkout process. Knowing your site has accurately calculated freight costs you can sleep a little easier at night.

The obvious overheads are the costs to signup to the shipping API and minimum quantities that some customers may require in order to get access to their system, as you business grows and sales are plenty these companies will reduce costs by volume.

Thankfully the Limeblock system can easily talk to 3rd party shipping API's and also has inbuilt manual shipping tables to get you started. We can help you decide on the best real time shipping product and plug in the necessary code to make it work brilliantly with your online shop.

Full integration to a 3rd party shipping API is included in our Pro and Pro+ website design packages.