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How can facebook help my business grow?

Tuesday, Jun 09, 2015 SMO Expert Social Media 0 Comments

Quite often we are asked the question, how can facebook help my business grow?

Think of a worldwide conversation taking place around the clock, the topic of conversation may include your business. You are a driver of this conversation talking to your audience which may include current customers.

Social media attracts new customers joining in the conversations, and learning to trust your brand through association.

Whilst many blogs around this topic may conclude that social media is free, easy and automatically grows your business, this is very much incorrect.

Social media should be an intergal part of your marketing budget and taken very seriously. It can build your brand up and can also destroy it. It should be treated with care and strategically managed, internally or by an agency. Facebook has viral mechanic to it's organic marketing however over the years we have seen pay per click ads and boosting post options that have added enormous potential to get right up in front of your audience. You must tread carefully though, it's not something you can just expect results from.

It's not unusual to have 20,000 impressions on a boosted post to gain 3 or 4 new page likes. The engagement with potential customers with direct promotions can quickly become costly and disappointing if not approached with the expertise. If you have never attempted online viral promotions, consider hiring a professional who has. Just a quick plug here - at limeblock we can help you with this. They key here is, "Substance", attention worthy content that attracts clicks, page likes, shares, followers and conversations.

Three to five simple words should be able to captivate your audience enough to click 'read more'. Imagery that is clean and professional that draws in the visual crowd, video and audio for the kinetic/creative types. Remember unless your posts truly go viral social media cannot be considered FREE, this is a common misconception. If you think time is free, try telling your employees this... "Tomorrow everybody has to work for free please."

In short, for the majority of businesses and entrepreneurs plugging away at social media it is far from free. Time costs money, hiring clever social media experts costs money. The time it takes you to get good at this stuff costs money. Gaining a good ROI from social media requires detailed planning and commitment but most certainly if done right has the potential to grow you business in a huge way. Again do not be fooled into thinking it is free, it is a modern marketing tool with great potential to grow your business and will grow fast if taken seriously.